Kamaaina Deals

Kamaaina Deals: Lucky You Know!

  • Need a Weekend Getaway?

    Inter-island travel has never been easier! Easily locate everything you need for a nice little trip to Oahu, Maui, Hawaii or Kauai. Start by finding kama'aina rates on hotels, then book yourself a rental car, go shopping, get a massage, and dine out at the best restaurants with the help of KamaainaDeals.com! Find Kamaaina Rates on Hotels

  • Headed to Oahu on Business?

    Whether your visiting your ohana or attending a meeting, be sure to check out kama'aina rates for hotels, restaurants, and rental cars! Check Out Kama'aina Rates on Oahu

  • Get Out & Golf!

    As far as kama'aina discounts go, golf may be one of the best hidden gems Hawaii has to offer. Nearly all public courses in Hawaii offer a kama'aina discount of some kind. From 20-50% off green fees, to proshop discounts, you'll find all the best golf discounts here! See Kama'aina Golf Rates

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